More tea Vicar? Retro pottery finds.

Like retro pottery? Then you’ll love these crockery gems I have found recently from charity shops. My Charity Chic ethos isn’t confined to the wardrobe. We’re a bit jumbled up in our house and prefer to use… Continue reading

Bargain hunting in Hay On Wye

I am having to resist indulging my waffle-ability here and not chat away about how perfectly picturesque Hay On Wye is. So you know where we were talking about, Hay On Wye is… Continue reading

Fashion blogger competitions which MUST be entered!

Want to flex your fashion blogger muscles at London Fashion Week? Reckon you can rock the Oxfam Street Style look? There are a couple of uber cool fashion blogger competitions out there that I have spotted. Check out… Continue reading

Charity Chic Look Of The Month – August 2011

On the last day of the month I put together a charity chic outfit featuring pieces I have bought from either charity shops, eBay, jumble sales and vintage clothes markets. This is my first… Continue reading

What NOT to buy in a charity shop

There are some things people buy from charity shops which are just plain wrong. I want to shake some people when I see them inspecting these things, what is running through their head? People… Continue reading

Pearls are a British girls B.F.F

True, diamonds dazzle, but in my humble opinion pearls are a girls best friend. The quintessential British look is right back in vogue now for autumn with tweeds, neckerchiefs and equestrian-influenced tailored cuts in abundance. Pearls… Continue reading

Hidden inside Grandma’s wardrobe….

How is it that I am knocking on the door of 31 years old? My 30th only feels like yesterday. Drat. It’s my birthday on Monday (29th August) and luckily for me it… Continue reading

Can a girl ever have too many handbags?

Only got time for a super quick post today so I have decided to share with you my favourite handbag – my trusty old leather saddle bag. Every girl has their old favourite… Continue reading

Brooches make a perfect gift

I love finding little trinkets for friends and family in charity shops or vintage fayres. Quite often you can find something completely unique or unusual for a few pennies to make someone’s day. Brooches make the perfect gift… Continue reading

‘C’ is for couture, coat, cape, chic AND charity shop… autumn & winter 2011/12 trends

It won’t be long before the fashion press starts talking about coats – remember those things which are currently hidden at the back of your wardrobe? I have already opened a couple of glossies this week… Continue reading

Countdown to Bestival 2011 – rock stars, pop stars and divas!

Heading to Bestival 2011? Bestival is now only a mere 19 sleeps away which means you have 18 days left in which to buy, beg, steal or borrow your get-up for the annual fancy dress extravaganza. Eccentricity… Continue reading

A Retro Dress by Carnegie of London…Personalised

This admittedly fairly old lady looking dress by Carnegie of London was in the AgeUK charity shop in Solihull last week. I figured I could do a bit with it. If not, it was hardly… Continue reading

Spotting Art Deco vintage jewellery from markets & charity shops

The Rag Market in Birmingham used to be a treasure trove of authentic vintage clothes and jewellery. It’s more chav than chic now but I have a couple of treasured possessions acquired from… Continue reading

Making Mummy look gorgeous

My Mama is a stylish lady so when I spotted this gorgeous Autograph from Marks & Spencer raincoat in vibrant cerise recently in the British Heart Foundation shop in Solihull, I knew it had her name on… Continue reading

Worried you’ll bring fleas home when buying in a charity shop? Nah! My golden rules!

Perhaps you are new to buying in charity shops or you assume everything smells? You could be worried you’ll bring fleas home? Maybe you’ve dismissed it because you can afford to hit Selfridges so why bother? Well, I… Continue reading