About me

I love old things which have a previous life you can only begin to imagine. What is a total piece of tat to someone is a real treasure to another person.

A lot of people have pre-conceived ideas about what second hand things and clothes charity shops are like but I challenge you to take a fresh look, brush aside any prejudice you may have and see how easy it is to not only save money but look totally awesome and individual at the same time. Anyone can rock a charity chic look….

All the clothes you’ll see on this blog are items I bought predominantly from charity shops unless otherwise stated. My other sources are eBay, vintage fayres or jumble sales. I do all of the photography you’ll see too.

Berlin 2009

I have a real sense of style and a flair for creating unique looks which I definitely inherited from my Mum. I instinctively know what looks good. My aim is that this blog shows you how easy it is to do this.

Oh and that’s me and my new husband. We got married on 1st June 2012.

Ozzy & me

Get in touch with me via email lizmac101@yahoo.com or Twitter @charitychicUK