What do your sofa cushions say about you?

Soft furnishings like cushions can cost mega money but it’s easy to use vintage and second-hand finds to add a quirky twist to your sofa or a boring corner of your home on… Continue reading

Make your own baby bibs

I always keep my eyes open for material and wool from charity shops so I was over the moon when I came across a job lot of Tana Lawn Liberty of London fabric… Continue reading

Bargain Stool Revamped

It’s good to have a mental list going of the things you’re hunting for when you regularly visit charity shops, vintage fairs and car boot sales. On my list was a small stool… Continue reading

Jewellery with Impact

Following on from my craftsmanship theme in my last post, I wanted to share some beautiful jewellery handmade by my cousin Sarah. Sarah has been making jewellery from silver, copper and resin as… Continue reading

Inspirational craftmanship by Madesmith

I recently stumbled on inspirational website, Madesmith, which features and sells products by artisan craftsmen from around the US. They tell the stories of makers and designers who produce beautiful handmade objects sustainably. The Madesmith philosophy is… Continue reading

New baby clothes from charity shops

It’s been a busy few months preparing for the arrival of our baby who is now due any day. We have also managed to renovate an entire house too in less than 7 months… Continue reading

Courgette, lemon & poppy seed cake

What does one do when waiting for their overdue baby to arrive? Bake! My husband will confirm that my baking efforts historically were at best pitiful and at worse downright dangerous but since… Continue reading

Glaston-baby? How to do Glastonbury (or any other festival) if you’re pregnant.

“You must be crazy!” is what most people said to me when I said we were still going to Glastonbury despite me being 31 weeks pregnant. If they didn’t say it, they were… Continue reading

Easy Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Elderflowers are out in abundance at the moment so now’s the time to stock up on some homemade treats and elderflower cordial is one of my favourites. It tastes so much better when… Continue reading

How to turn an old crate into a salad planter

Last year we visited Glastonbury Reclamation yard in Somerset where among a few other bits, I picked up some old wooden crates. We’ve used these vintage bad boys for lots of different things… Continue reading

What’s up from April so far…

My April so far. I treated myself to a fancy new mug from one of my fave stores, Anthropologie. Check their home stuff out. Our house renovation project continued as we ripped out a monstrous Gothic fake Victorian fireplace… Continue reading

How to clean an old trunk or suitcase

Brave the cobwebs and dust in your Granny’s atic and it’s quite likely that you’ll find something similar to the below. An antique trunk. This antique trunk belonged to my paternal Grandfather, Euan.… Continue reading

Electric shoe warmers anyone?

There I was thinking that in days gone by people used to leave their wet shoes by a roaring fire stuffed with scrunched up newspaper. It turns out there is a weird and wonderful antique contraption called a Ronning… Continue reading

It’s been too long!

I am in shock and not because I have just found out that Ozzy has eaten an entire pack of McVities Carameltastic biscuits in less than 3 hours in addition to polishing off my entire secret stash of… Continue reading

Laura Ashley: How A Global Empire Started At The Kitchen Table

Laura Ashley is synonymous with middle-class-English flowery frocks. Generally not so cool, mumsy style, baggy arm dresses you often see an aunt wearing in 1970’s or 80’s family christening photos. They made bridesmaid… Continue reading