Charity Chic Look Of The Month – August 2011

On the last day of the month I put together a charity chic outfit featuring pieces I have bought from either charity shops,
eBay, jumble sales and vintage clothes markets.

This is my first ever look of the month! To celebrate I am having a cup of tea and a chunk of my favourite chocolate, it’s all rock n’ roll in this house I tell you. So, without further ado I give you my August ensemble…

  • TOTAL SPENT: £17
  • ITEM DETAILS: Vintage Escada 100% Wool Dark Olive Green Pencil Skirt from eBay, £13
    Marks & Spencer Limited Edition 100% Cotton Short Polo Neck Skinny Top With Ruffle Sleeves from the Cancer Research charity shop in Solihull, £4

THE RESULT: I love the post-war 1940’s look and feel. I read in the Guardian Weekend magazine on Saturday that polo necks are big fashion news… They are now, apparently, invited to join “the fashion party”. I am yet to be totally convinced as polo necks can go very wrong particularly when they are old, bobbled and stretched. Steer clear of these for gawds sake! My top tip – you lucky chicas with pair of juicy melons cannot work the polo neck look! Stick to a wide open neckline such as sweetheart or a V neck if you fall into this category.

The pencil skirt is by far my favourite purchase this month. It’s in mint condition (or will be after a dry clean) and is sure to be a work-wardrobe staple over the coming autumn and winter.

The accessory detail is a collection of vintage pearl brooches I bought from eBay. See more here. The shoes are an old pair I bought from Monsoon years ago.