More tea Vicar? Retro pottery finds.

Like retro pottery? Then you’ll love these crockery gems I have found recently from charity shops.

My Charity Chic ethos isn’t confined to the wardrobe. We’re a bit jumbled up in our house and prefer to use a mix of plates and wine glasses on our kitchen table at meal times – I like to think of it as Kitchen Chic. Where better than charity shops to build up a collection of retro, colourful crockery?

I found the below Kiln Craft set of cups and sauces from the British Heart Foundation charity shop in Solihull earlier this summer for £3 (for the lot). There was one of those uncomfortable moments when the person next to you wants what is in your hand. Luckily I had picked them up first so they had my name on them. Kiln Craft was iconic in the 1970’s as an affordable, everyday kitchenwear brand. I love these as they are easy to drink out of, unlike dainty tea cups which my fat thumbs struggle with!

I have also recently acquired the below plate as a set of six from a charity shop which we mix n’ match with other random plates. It says JG Studio or GJ Studio on the back… anyone know anything about this manufacturer?

Want to know more about Retro Pottery for a Kitchen Chic look?

While doing a bit of research for this post about Kiln Craft and the Staffordshire Potteries, I stumbled across Retro Pottery Net, a blog dedicated to all things retro pottery related. There is a wealth of information here about all the different potteries, studio’s and manufacturers of days gone by. If you have got any questions about the pottery you have already got or just purchased, this is a good source of information.

Where can I get my mitts on this type of retro pottery?
There is lots to buy on eBay to add twist of kitchen chic style to your house. Look out for it at jumble and garage sales. Curiosity shops and antique outlets are all full to the brim with pottery and china too. My key advice is don’t bother if it’s chipped or the pattern is faded. Some can be quite valuable, particularly if the items are in good condition.

Want some inspiration?
I love this collection of  retro pottery on H Is For Home’s Flickr photostream. I want it all!