Countdown to Bestival 2011 – rock stars, pop stars and divas!

Heading to Bestival 2011?

Bestival is now only a mere 19 sleeps away which means you have 18 days left in which to buy, beg, steal or borrow your get-up for the annual fancy dress extravaganza. Eccentricity is the name of the game at this boutique festival on the Isle of Wight… festival goers take fancy dress to the next level so with this years theme set as ‘rock star, pop star or diva’, it’s almost guaranteed to set your alter-ego free!

It’s a fairly obvious statement but charity shops are an awesome source of fancy dress. If you haven’t put any effort into your costume yet, head down to your local charity shop tomorrow and see what you can find. Below is a pic of me taken at Shambala 2008 wearing a proper 80’s bit of glad-wrag I picked up at the YMCA charity shop in Bromsgrove for £5. It was a three-piece Frank Usher cocktail number made from pure silk. I still wear the skirt all the time in fact. The lilac wig came from a woman who runs a wig stall who anyone familiar with Hong Kong will know on Pottinger Street in Central. Worth a visit if you are ever in the neighbourhood. The big faux pearl necklace was a slight cheat from New Look originally bought for a hen do.

I am almost too jealous to mention any of the phenomenal acts you’re going to see if you are going…. The Cure, DJ Shadow, Pendulum, LFO, DJ Fresh… Tickets have sold out for 2011 now. Boo. However, I am heading to the Thames Festival in London on 10th September so it’s not all doom and gloom.

Raving in the name of a good cause

The Bestival Foundation, a brand new charity, raises money for needy causes on the Isle of Wight. Other charities benefiting from money raised that weekend are Oxfam, Amnesty International, Pants To Poverty, The Lesbian and Gay Foundation, Breast Cancer Campaign, Childreach International, We Are What We Do, Quay Arts, Earl Mountbatten Hospice, Samaritans, Beaulieu Hospice, The Park Centre Ryde, Save The Children, Island 2000, WMD and CANCERactive.

If you are going to Bestival this year please let me know so I can get even more jealous while looking at your pics.

Increase the peace!

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