‘C’ is for couture, coat, cape, chic AND charity shop… autumn & winter 2011/12 trends

It won’t be long before the fashion press starts talking about coats – remember those things which are currently hidden at the back of your wardrobe? I have already opened a couple of glossies this week only to see autumn winter 2011/12 catwalk trends jumping out and one thing is clear – the words ‘couture’ and ‘coats’ appeared in the same sentence repeatedly. The below shot is from the Dior Autumn Winter 2011/12 collection as shown in Paris at the Musee Rodin.

Borrowed from diorcouture.com

There are also remnants of last year’s military theme too. Capes and defined shoulder cuts have crept in next seasons collections too. I only had to browse ASOS to see this – see below.

Picture courtesy of ASOS.com

I saw a cape just like this in the Cancer Research shop last week for £9 which in a moment of madness I neglected to buy – dammit! But I did buy the below, from the same charity shop last November for £20.  I adore this coat! It’s pure wool with a removable cape and it is possibly the warmest coat I have ever worn. It wasn’t exactly the height of fashion last year but it was an individual statement, particularly if you’re aiming for the Shirlock Holmes look!

December 2010

Charity shops are a fantastic source of quality winter coats so keep your eyes peeled over the next few months before we head into the sub-zero again.

On a final note, ‘C’ is not to be confused with ‘country’. That’s a different style altogether – think tweed, leather elbow pads, clay pigeon-shooting & Labradors in the back of your Land Rover darling. Country inspired trends are set to be a hit this autumn but that’s a entirely different subject, I need to do some more charity shop browsing to cover that one.