Hidden inside Grandma’s wardrobe….

How is it that I am knocking on the door of 31 years old? My 30th only feels like yesterday. Drat. It’s my birthday on Monday (29th August) and luckily for me it always falls on the August Bank Holiday weekend. It’s become a bit of a tradition now that we head to a campsite on a beach to celebrate so this year we have headed to St. Davids in Pembrokeshire which is tucked away in south west Wales.  We have returned to Caerfai Bay to snort the fresh sea breeze and feast our eyes on the unparalleled beauty of the Pembrokeshire coast. There is nothing like unzipping your tent in the morning to see a view like the below. Perched right on the rugged coastline, this campsite is run by lovely people and boasts a sea view you’ll be hard pressed to beat.

Caerfai Bay

Not missing a chance to check out the local charity shop set up, we headed to Narberth yesterday. It was pouring with rain and needed to find entertainment that didn’t involve diverting the torrent of water making its way through our tent. We left the tent to fend for itself. Narberth is a small welsh town just outside Haverfordwest, (the latter not being worth a visit). I had it on good advice that two vintage clothes shops were to be found, how fun I thought. Very irritatingly one was closed with a sign saying “come back this afternoon”… it was 3pm so how much later this afternoon the proprietor meant I wasn’t sure. The second, Giddy Aunt, was full of bright and colourful vintage gear as well as some beautiful brooches and lots of pearls but sadly nothing to entice me… OK, I mean fit me. Well recommended for a poke around in if you are in the area though.

Determined to at least find something cool to buy, we headed over the road to the British Red Cross charity shop. My sister & I immediately clapped eyes on the retro sun glasses display at the back of the shop and picked up the below for 50p each. Hardly a cracking purchase though.

Retro sunglass fun

Slightly disappointed we headed back to the car park. It was only when it started really hammering down and we darted into an antique furniture shop (up an alley off the main road) that things really started to get exciting. At the back of this unassuming antique shop was a room full of beautiful vintage glad rags, cabinets bursting with sparkly costume jewellery, shelves full of handbags and retro shoes scattered under the heaving rails. My sister and I squealed with delight but still we left empty handed. This was turning into a cheap day out.

We arrived at my Grandparents cottage for tea and regaled them with our day out whilst we dried out with a sweet sherry. “Ah, it just so happens” said my Grandma, “that I have got a genuine leather pillar box red bomber jacket upstairs I bought more than 30 years ago which I was going to send to the charity shop.” Our faces lit up. I may have deprived another charity shop fanatic a bargain find (and a donation to a much needed charity*) but this is proof that sometimes Grandma’s wardrobe is a treasure chest to be ransacked… with her permission clearly! I headed back to the campsite the proud new owner of the below.

I will stop banging on now as it’s G&T time in this tent and my battery is about to die. Thankfully the rain has stopped and the sun is out. I just need to head to an internet cafe to get this posted.

*I will make a donation to the Primrose Hospice which is the charity I donate all proceeds from the clothes I sell on eBay.