Making Mummy look gorgeous

My Mama is a stylish lady so when I spotted this gorgeous Autograph from Marks & Spencer raincoat in vibrant cerise recently in the British Heart Foundation shop in Solihull, I knew it had her name on it. I doubt it had been on the rail for long as it’s the kind of piece to get snapped up pretty smart. It had clearly never been worn so was in perfect condition. I bagged it for precisely £8!

PlanetTab’s Mummy

This style of rain coat suits every shape and size but it’s especially fab on an hourglass figure nipping you in at the waist to accentuate your curves. You can work this kind of jacket with any type of trousers or leggings. Skirt wise, it’s a fab combo with a mini or knee length skirt but I would seriously avoid teaming it with a mid-calf skirt.

PlanetTab’s Mummy

I think you’ll agree Mummy PT looks pretty smart.