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Countdown to Bestival 2012!

It’s with gritted teeth that I type this post out. Bestival 2012 is next weekend and I am not going. There’s an underground restaurant and everything. Bitter? Yes. More to the point, if… Continue reading

Cruising The River Severn In A Spotty Dress

I love last minute plans and I love spending time in, near or on the water even more. If it’s with friends then even better. Throw a bottle of Pimms into the mix and… Continue reading

Memories From Our Wedding Day. 1st June 2012

It’s been a long period of absence and I have missed you massively but whoa…. what a few weeks it’s been. I promise you I have a valid reason for a radio-blogging-silence. For those… Continue reading

Charity Chic Look of The month – February 2012

Every month I put together a charity chic outfit featuring pieces I have bought from either charity shops, eBay, jumble sales and vintage clothes markets. Slap on the wrists…. I haven’t done a… Continue reading

Genuine 1950’s vintage wedding dress for sale in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

I had an OMG moment earlier when I realised that the countdown has well and truly begun…. It’s only 15 weeks until the London Marathon! One big eeek. This set my pulse racing. I… Continue reading

Supergirl boots!

Supergirl boots!

These arrived this morning… a pair of Roc boots which look distinctly like the ones Supergirl wore in that cheesy 1980’s movie.

I got them off of eBay for £5. Am reserving judgment on them until I can make them work with an outfit. Will keep you posted.

Come back tomorrow to see my outfit of the month for September. Really excited about it as I picked it up from a charity shop earlier this week and haven’t had time to try it on yet.

Ciao for now, enjoy this glorious sun peeps.

Charity Chic Look Of The Month – August 2011

On the last day of the month I put together a charity chic outfit featuring pieces I have bought from either charity shops, eBay, jumble sales and vintage clothes markets. This is my first… Continue reading

What NOT to buy in a charity shop

There are some things people buy from charity shops which are just plain wrong. I want to shake some people when I see them inspecting these things, what is running through their head? People… Continue reading

Pearls are a British girls B.F.F

True, diamonds dazzle, but in my humble opinion pearls are a girls best friend. The quintessential British look is right back in vogue now for autumn with tweeds, neckerchiefs and equestrian-influenced tailored cuts in abundance. Pearls… Continue reading

Countdown to Bestival 2011 – rock stars, pop stars and divas!

Heading to Bestival 2011? Bestival is now only a mere 19 sleeps away which means you have 18 days left in which to buy, beg, steal or borrow your get-up for the annual fancy dress extravaganza. Eccentricity… Continue reading

Spotting Art Deco vintage jewellery from markets & charity shops

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What Is Charity Chic All About?

I adore old things. They have their own secret story. I definitely have my mother to thank for this! I grew up in Harborne, an area of Birmingham in England which had a… Continue reading