Countdown to Bestival 2012!

It’s with gritted teeth that I type this post out. Bestival 2012 is next weekend and I am not going. There’s an underground restaurant and everything. Bitter? Yes.

More to the point, if you’re a Bestival veteran you’ll know that there is a full-on fancy dress vibe at this festival. If you are going, you have just 3 days left in which to buy, beg, steal or borrow your get-up for this annual fancy dress extravaganza. Eccentricity is the name of the game at the festival on the Isle of Wight, festival goers take fancy dress to the next level.  This years theme is ‘wildlife’ so now’s the time to release your inner beast and behave like an animal.

Charity shops are an awesome source of fancy dress. If you haven’t put any effort into your costume yet, head down to your local charity shop tomorrow and see what you can find.


If fancy dress just isn’t your thing (shame on you!) why not try a Wildlife face mask like the below? Check these out – click here to buy.

Finally, something to make you chuckle. We went to a Jungle theme fancy dress party (so similar to wildlife) for my friends 30th a couple of years back and I decided to go as a parrot. Below is what I wore. Yes, I appreciate I look absolutely nothing like a parrot but that’s the point – it’s your interpretation of the theme that counts!

Increase the peace!

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