Cruising The River Severn In A Spotty Dress

I love last minute plans and I love spending time in, near or on the water even more. If it’s with friends then even better. Throw a bottle of Pimms into the mix and it’s a perfect Saturday.

That’s exactly what we did yesterday on the River Severn from Worcester. Aboard Styrbiorn, we meandered our way over a lazy couple of hours through the Diglis locks, past cathedrals and churches, endless fields and meadows to Upton On Severn for a pub lunch on the river bank.

The River Severn. The UK’s longest river.

Nautical style is a classic look – white and navy stripes, white trousers and sailor style collars. Boats demand a certain style for practical reasons too – ropes and narrow spaces create a potentially wet hazard (if you happen to be unlucky enough to go overboard) and that’s before the inevitable wind leaves you looking like Edward Scissorhands.

It was a sunny day, as if I needed an excuse to wear one of my favourite vintage market finds – a white and brown spotty dress. Not conforming to a boaty dress code clearly. This is a dress that I found at a market in Birmingham for £5.99.

In Upton On Severn

I am less than steady on my feet (particularly after a few) so flip flops were out and brown leather sandals acquired from eBay for £5 were in. Sparkly grey leggings (from H&M) kept my legs warm and could be easily removed in the event that the sun really came out.

Aboard with Pimms

A straw hat prevents a hair calamity.

Me & Ozzy

Meanwhile, Ozzy embraced his inner boatyness and rocked the blue and white stripes. Susie (below) was brazen and had a bikini on in the vain hope that we’d manage some swimming.

Sadly we meandered so slowly that the pubs had stopped serving by the time we arrived so we found a greasy-spoon for toasted sandwiches instead. We had quite possibly consumed enough Pimms by that point and we in desperate need of food (and toilets).

Susie and Ozzy

Ozzy and I got off in Worcester while the others sailed on back towards The Lenchford. We later heard they’d run out of fuel and had to be towed to the nearest moorings which were luckily at a nearby pub. Back on dry land we found this quite amusing!

Can anyone see any beers?