What Is Charity Chic All About?

I adore old things. They have their own secret story.

I definitely have my mother to thank for this! I grew up in Harborne, an area of Birmingham in England which had a surplus of charity shops on the High Street. My Mum used to poke around in them for hours picking up little trinkets, items of clothing, records and other bits n’ bobs. Back then the Rag Market in Birmingham’s Bull Ring was, quite literally, a treasure trove bursting at the seams with vintage clothes from every era, funky materials and textiles, exquisite antique jewellery, dusty old books and all manner of pre-loved goodies. This was her other haunt. My sister and I used to go with her so from an early age we became accustomed to the thrills of finding a bargain-bit-of-loot which had a story you could only begin to imagine. Of course, not every little find is as exciting as that but you can’t help but crack a smile when you stumble across something which makes you open your purse. If I am ever feeling down, a sure fire way to cheer myself up is to browse the various charity shops in Solihull where I work.

I still have lots of gorgeous things that she’s handed down to me over the years, some of which I am sure will feature in this blog. I hope that one day when I have children that they share this passion…. who needs to have everything new when there is an abundance of things that out that in a previous life either gave their owner lots of cherished happy times or have simply been discarded for you to write your own history with. So, this is what my blog is all about – my travels, little stories from shops I dig around in and ultimately the booty I come home with. I’ll show you how easily I create quirky but stylish looks and how easy it is for everyone to do the same whilst hardly parting with a penny… well not many pennies anyway. I’ll probably focus most of my posts about the glam clothes I find (which is a lot!) but I won’t be able to resist posts on the other things I pick up too so be prepared for lots of variety.

Hope you enjoy!