Mrs.Thatcher. A Style Icon?

Some of Margaret Thatcher’s suits recently went under the hammer. How could I have possibly missed this fashion extravaganza? I am whispering that in case the Fashion Police heard.

Please don’t confuse this post with a mis-guided admiration for Mrs. T.  Love or loathe her our Mags had a definite signature style. She defined power dressing in an era when a lot of women were still chained to the kitchen sink.

I’m going to put politicial allegiance aside, this is not a political report. Given that she was PM back in the 80’s, she does now represent a vintage fashion era hence my the interest in her old suits.  Queen of pussy cat bows, pastel suits and old lady style handbags lest we forget the twin-set and pearls, Maggie even had a style advisor on side. Yes, that is slightly hard to believe.

The below seven suits were sold at an auction on 30th August by a private collector. According to a BBC report, these outfits were worn at the beginning of her career, when she got the ‘milk snatcher’ tag. I love that the peach one was worn at an interview she did about her skin care regime! Given this is the industry in which I work, I find it rather mind boggling that she would have been an ambassador for the old cleanse, tone and moisturise regime.

Here are five of her signature style items. Perhaps we can take some vintage fashion cues although not many of us would ever be brave enough to suggest she was the inspiration behind their retro style glad rags I am fairly certain! Sometimes though, you can find inspiration in the most unlikely of people. Not such a ridiculous notion….

Maggie was rarely seen without a pearl necklace and/or a brooch. Classic. Nobody can argue with that.


A handbag
Thatcher once described her handbag as the only safe place in Downing Street. Look at any old picture of her and it’s 90% likely she’ll be sporting a frame bag.

She liked a hat
Apparently, her style advisor told her to stop wearing them. Hats are big news this autumn and winter. H&M have some gorgeous floppy felt hats at the moment.

Pussy cat bow-ties
Mags was pretty adept at the silk tie thing. Another timeless classic.

The power suit
She was clearly in PM mode when she rocked a suit. And a silk tie. Probably the least inspirational of the five. I don’t intend to wear a suit any time soon.

Frankly, yellow is not her colour but I secretly quite like the one below which was also part of the auction. Blue was her signature suit but this one is far more charity chic!

So, the question is, will I turn up at my meeting on Monday in a baby blue suit? No. I’m into pearls and I like old lady bags but I might just reference the iron lady the next time someone comments on my pretty brooch.

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