What Does One Wear To A 60th Birthday Picnic?

This isn’t a question I ask myself on a daily basis but I did give it plenty of thought a couple of weeks ago when we headed to Witley Court in Worcestershire for a picnic to celebrate my Mum’s 60th birthday. Witley Court is an English Heritage site and a perfect spot for a summer al fresco dining experience. It’s probably perfect for some other alfresco experiences too but we won’t go there! 😉

Picnics are one of my favourite summer past times. But, what does one wear to a picnic? The answer is anything but given this was a special occasion, it demanded an equally special outfit. This show-stopping vintage Peter Barron silk dress has been lurking in my wardrobe for some time. I bought it for £3.99 from the YMCA charity shop in Bromsgrove earlier this summer. Does anyone know anything about this label?

Regular Charity Chic readers will be more than familiar with the polka dot theme. I unintentionally buy spotty numbers from charity shops all the time. Open (one of) my wardrobe doors and it’s a riot of dots and spots so this new frock is in good company.

Check out the gorgeous birthday girl below sat by one of the magnificent fountains in the gardens.

Mum’s dress and shoes are both charity shop bargains. She volunteers at a hospice charity shop once a week so is lucky enough to get her mitts on the donations before the rest of us.

Who cares if I was slightly overdressed for the occasion. Lucy, my middle little sis, can get away with hot pants as demonstrated below. Sadly I most certainly cannot.

This would be an ideal dress to wear to a wedding. At £3.99 you could splash the rest of your budget out on some classy head and foot gear. Next time you’re deciding what to wear to a wedding, head down to your High Street, hit the charity shops and I can guarantee you’ll find something to wear at a fraction of the cost than if you went to John Lewis.

Last shot…. Ozzy and Lucy strike a mid-badmington-shot pose. Too much pink fizz clearly.