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Inspirational craftmanship by Madesmith

I recently stumbled on inspirational website, Madesmith, which features and sells products by artisan craftsmen from around the US. They tell the stories of makers and designers who produce beautiful handmade objects sustainably. The Madesmith philosophy is… Continue reading

Glaston-baby? How to do Glastonbury (or any other festival) if you’re pregnant.

“You must be crazy!” is what most people said to me when I said we were still going to Glastonbury despite me being 31 weeks pregnant. If they didn’t say it, they were… Continue reading

How to turn an old crate into a salad planter

Last year we visited Glastonbury Reclamation yard in Somerset where among a few other bits, I picked up some old wooden crates. We’ve used these vintage bad boys for lots of different things… Continue reading

What’s up from April so far…

My April so far. I treated myself to a fancy new mug from one of my fave stores, Anthropologie. Check their home stuff out. Our house renovation project continued as we ripped out a monstrous Gothic fake Victorian fireplace… Continue reading

Electric shoe warmers anyone?

There I was thinking that in days gone by people used to leave their wet shoes by a roaring fire stuffed with scrunched up newspaper. It turns out there is a weird and wonderful antique contraption called a Ronning… Continue reading

Glamping & Glastonbury Carnival 2012

Last weekend we headed to Somerset for a weekend glamping in Glastonbury. We were in for a real cosy-den-bright-light-carnival-salvage yard hunting-cider-drinking treat. I won’t deny that poking around the curious, witchy,  crafty, charity… Continue reading

What is the difference between vintage, antique & retro?

Yikes, it’s been weeks since I babbled to you guys. It’s time for an over due chat! My draft box is full of half-written, part-illustrated posts so while I wait for a sunny… Continue reading

Road Trip! V.W. Transporter Campervan For Sale

It’s not easy to part with something that’s created so many happy memories but my sister and her boyfriend have reluctantly decided to sell their VW Transporter campervan. They asked me to feature it on Charity Chic to… Continue reading

Wild Swimming In The River Coln

I’ve got to be honest, I have shoe-horned a link to charity chic style in this post purely because I want to share some very fond memories. We headed with four of our favourite… Continue reading

What NOT to buy in a charity shop

There are some things people buy from charity shops which are just plain wrong. I want to shake some people when I see them inspecting these things, what is running through their head? People… Continue reading

Spotting Art Deco vintage jewellery from markets & charity shops

The Rag Market in Birmingham used to be a treasure trove of authentic vintage clothes and jewellery. It’s more chav than chic now but I have a couple of treasured possessions acquired from… Continue reading

What Is Charity Chic All About?

I adore old things. They have their own secret story. I definitely have my mother to thank for this! I grew up in Harborne, an area of Birmingham in England which had a… Continue reading