What’s up from April so far…

My April so far.

New mug

I treated myself to a fancy new mug from one of my fave stores, Anthropologie. Check their home stuff out.

Wood burning stove

Our house renovation project continued as we ripped out a monstrous Gothic fake Victorian fireplace and installed a wood burning stove.

Jam tarts

My addiction to Mr Kipling Jam Tarts shows no sign of abating.

baba ganoush

We’ve eaten a tonne of Baba Ganoush after I saw Paul Hollywood’s recipe on his Bread programme. Recipe here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/baba_ganoush_44415

Holiday to Andalucia

Ozzy and I took a road trip around Andalucia, Spain for a week staying in some fab hotels. The above were taken at Hotel Almohalla 51 which is run by the beyond charming David & Myles. http://www.almohalla51.com/ It’s well recommended. We also treated ourselves to a stay at the Fountainhead Hotel Spa & Retreat. Bliss! http://www.fountainheadinspain.com/


I dug that bad boy up from the gardens of a deserted abandoned monastory on holiday.  Will it survive here? Hope so.


My bump at 19 weeks. I am now 21. Eeek!


I spent Good Friday with my Mama and Coco – her adorable Coca Spaniel.



A coffee table which used to be a District Line Tube sign.

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