It’s been too long!

I am in shock and not because I have just found out that Ozzy has eaten an entire pack of McVities Carameltastic biscuits in less than 3 hours in addition to polishing off my entire secret stash of cream eggs. The truth is it’s been well over two months since I last posted on Charity Chic and I am a tad disappointed with myself.

I do have a handful of excuses which I know won’t cut it – the main one being that we have moved house which has been pretty immense. Beyond going to work (which is now around the corner and not a minimum of a 2 hour drive down the M40) sorting boxes and trying but failing to be organised, I haven’t had a chance to do anything I actually really enjoy. Mooching around charity shops got pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities – something I intend to address given I have a whole new patch of posh Surrey to explore.

So this isn’t really a proper post, it’s more of a “I promise I haven’t forgotten about you” plea and to make it slightly more interesting, a pic of a pretty snuggly chunky angora knit I picked up  the Trinity Hospice charity shop in Chiswick, London late last year. It’s originally a French Connection bad boy so it’s nearly new. Think it was £5. It’s not really work attire but I didn’t feel like a pro this morning so I threw this on instead with my trusty old ankle brogues and skinny black jeans.


I also bought the below on the same trek. It’s a Harrods Pringle style lambs wool pull over.

harrods london

So with any luck, it won’t be another season before I find something fun to write about. There’s lots of new house goss and new retro furnture to blog about! Watch this space.