Road Trip! V.W. Transporter Campervan For Sale

It’s not easy to part with something that’s created so many happy memories but my sister and her boyfriend have reluctantly decided to sell their VW Transporter campervan.

They asked me to feature it on Charity Chic to help spread the word. Up for a road trip in a classic V dub? Read on.

This van has a plethora of stories to tell on the 300,000 miles it’s covered and with a reconditioned engine, it’s still got plenty of tarmac to wrestle with.

It’s transported ravers to many festivals (Glastonbury, Shambala, The Green Man, V to name a few), perched on cliff edges for the night, squeezed down narrow tracks in search of a sleep spot, woken up to panoramic vistas from the Lake District to St. Ives, hogged lay by’s and no doubt taken liberty of many a pub car park along the way. It can negotiate even the most bumpy of fields all in the name of a good old fashioned adventure on four wheels. Who knows where you’re going to park up for the night but one thing’s for sure, you’ll have a vroooom with a view. Sorry, I had to throw at least one cheesy line in.

1.6 Diesel
5 speed gear box
12 Months MOT
Engine reconditioned at 160,000 (it’s covered about 300k miles in total)
New oil sump
New diesel pump
New accelerator cable
New leisure battery
New curtains made from heavy-duty retro purple velvet (they do a great job of blocking the morning sun out for lazy lie-in’s)

No rust
Recently repainted
(There is one dent which could be fixed if the new owner wanted to)

Sleeps 4
Gas cooker and grill
Rock ‘n’ roll bed
CD Player

The van is in good nick mechanically but the beauty is that you could really personalise this bad boy. Lucy and Rob started to do this and made some beautiful purple velvet curtains from some gorgeous fabric they sourced from an old mansion which was being knocked down. The upholstery is in good condition but you could recover the seating easily to make your own stamp, re-carpet very cheaply and that’s before you’ve made some cute cushions and found a “for the van only” retro tea pot.

*The road is on the wonk, not the van*

Money bit….

They are asking £2,700. If you’re interested call Rob on 07791 875 356 or Lucy 07967 380 807. They live near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire if you want to pop by for a cuppa and look. You’ll even be able to test drive. Oh and it comes with games too!

Finally, I couldn’t resist this last pic. Furry friends will be snug too as demonstrated by Finn.