Retro Kitchen Style

A super quick post today to share a couple of new items to my retro kitchenware collection.

Charity shops are heaving with funky vintage and retro bits for your kitchen, pantry or dining room. These are examples of mass-produced “Ikea style” items from the 60’s and 70’s so while they hold no value, it’s a great way to add a individual twist to your kitchen.

To find your own pieces, it’s simply a case of checking they are in good condition – my advice is don’t bother with chipped, damaged or faulty things.  Check seals too. Items which have seen better days are not usable and they will never look good on display. If you’re patient you’ll most likely find an exact match in better condition at another charity shop.

The above was £1.50 from an Oxfam shop in Pembrokeshire. We don’t use it for coffee as the seal is rubbish (hence my advice above) but it works for sealed tea bags.

My favourite is the below. It’s in mint condition.

Finally, a cheeky plate from a jumble sale.

We are heading to Glastonbury this weekend for a winter Glamping treat at a snug eco pod. I’ll be scouring the charity shops and reclamation yards while my husband finds a pub to chat to the locals.  He’s good at that.

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