High Heel Boots I Can Actually Walk In!

I am feeling like a very sorry looking squirrel today. I had my bottom wisdom teeth out this morning and despite being drugged up to the eye-balls (literally) it’s still a wee bit sore. I am taking the opportunity to lord it from the sofa which I can see is testing my usually very patient husbands’ nerves. Hopefully it’s a case of short-term pain for long-term gain. These evil teeth ruined our honeymoon.

It’s also an opportunity to finish off some posts which have been sitting in my drafts box for a few weeks.

I picked these multi-coloured retro mid-calf boots up at an Oxfam charity shop in Kenilworth last month. While they may not be everyone’s cup of cha, I simply couldn’t resist them.

I have no idea where they are originally from but for £7.99 I reckon they are a retro bargain. Who cares if you need sunglasses to look at them?

Outfit wise, they are not going to go with much more than black tights, leggings or skinny jeans but what a statement! They are made from 100% leather as far as I can tell.


The fact that I can actually walk in them not least that they are a perfect fit was enough for me to leap to the counter. I come from a family of giant clod-hoppers (I am a size 7 – 8… nearer 8 and sometimes an 8.5) so it’s not often that I find second-hand shoes to fit my man-feet. I am also useless at balancing in anything over an inch, being 5’9″ I don’t wear heels that often.

We went to the Electric Cinema* in Birmingham last night to watch Rust & Bone (you absolutely must see it if you like French cinematography) so they got their first outing. I did see a few people steal a glance.

Would you be brave enough to wear these out?

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*The Electric Cinema is the oldest working cinema house in the UK. It’s a full on art deco movie experience with comfy two-seater sofas, cocktail service to your seat throughout the movie, a charming friendly service and an intimately sized threatre.