My New Skirt (from the town with the smelliest charity shops ever)

Ozzy & I are in Pembrokeshire at the moment for a week by the sea. After an abysmal few days when the wind howled and the rain lashed down, the sun finally came out to play yesterday so we decided to explore the Freshwater beaches near Castlemartin before dropping in at The Old Point House in Angle for a pint – definitely worth a visit if you’re near.

The Old Point House, Angle

We had been to Poppit Sands near Cardigan for a picnic the day before stopping off in Cardigan after my begrudging husband agreed to wait in the car while I did a whistle-stop tour of the various antique and charity shops. Given it was my birthday, he didn’t have much choice.

Cardigan is a bit of a dreary place  and several of the places I went into did nothing to dispel the much cited notion that all charity shops pong. One which shall remain nameless was so bad that I’d barely made it past the door before I had to walk out.

I persisted though (with an imaginary nose clamp) and clapped eyes on the skirt below at the Tenovus charity shop for £3.00. It’s from George at ASDA (somewhere I confess to never having been to) so it wasn’t originally worth much more than £3.00 anyway and it isn’t even cotton but who cares – it’s bright, flowery and floaty.

We are off to Druidston and Broad Haven now for a swim. Another lovely day.