Charity Chic Look Of The Month – June 2012

Every month I put together a charity chic outfit featuring pieces I have bought from either charity shops, eBay, jumble sales and vintage clothes markets.

I had the luxury of a spare Saturday morning yesterday so what did I do? Hit the charity shops in Bromsgrove. Expectations were low – Bromsgrove isn’t a pulsating fashion hot-spot but there is an emerging beacon of hope. The YMCA charity shop (formerly MacDonald’s) at the bottom end of the High Street has a new assistant manager who has a vintage flair. She’s created a retro section which is bursting at the seams with art deco furniture and home ware (watch this space for a post later this week on exactly this), snazzy vintage  evening gowns, everyday pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe and glitzy vintage chic accessories.

I didn’t think it had much going for it when I saw it on the hanger but when I got it home, washed it and tried it on for size, it grew on me. Yes the material is yucky (that common 60’s & 70’s B.O inducing viscous) and it’s almost verging on dinner-lady-esque but it’s different to anything else I’d normally wear (particularly colour wise) so it’s worthy of this Look Of The Month feature.

I’ve spent the day gardening and since this was only £1.99, it didn’t matter if it got covered in mud.

  • DESIGNERS/BRAND: St. Michael, Marks & Spencer’s
  • TOTAL SPENT: £1.99 from The YMCA, Bromsgrove
  • ITEM DETAILS: A genuine 1970’s retro knee-length dress with a matching belt and buttons to the neck which finish with a pretty bow tie.