Easy Peasy Make Your Own Bunting

How expensive is pretty bunting? At Glastonbury last year, people were selling 1m of bunting for £10. Crazy when it’s so easy to make. It will last for years too.

We made gorgeous bunting for our wedding recently as shown in these lovely pics. I collected loads of pretty vintage, second-hand fabric from charity shops and local jumble sales. I even cut up old clothes, bed sheets and table cloths – if the pattern was pretty, it was “bunt-able”.  We needed lots so my godmother, Julia, also helped out – much appreciated Auntie Julie! The girls on my hen do also made bunting for me. Those of you who are eagle-eyed will see some Orla Keily material which my little sister, Alice, made. My fave!

You need:

Pretty fabric – mix n’ match works best I think
Card to make a cut-around template
Measuring tape
Scissors (for cutting card)
Scissors suitable for cutting fabric
Needle and thread or sewing machine
Ribbon (wider than 2cm to make it easiest)

I used a template which you can download and print out here: http://www.housetohome.co.uk/fileBank/housetohome/PDF/bunting_template.pdf

I wanted slightly bigger flags so I added an extra 1cm to each side of this template.


  1. Pin the template onto your fabric and cut around it. Aim to get as many pieces as you can from each piece of fabric
  2. I made double sided bunting which lasts longer and looks better from both sides when strung up. Cut out the same number of flags for the backing. I used a plain material for the back
  3. Stitch the flags together. Using a sewing machine is much quicker but you can do it by hand if you don’t have one. Place the material back to back so that each side of the pattern is facing. When you have stitched it together, this turn the flag inside out
  4. Iron each flag so that they are neat and flat. Nearly there!
  5. Stich the flags to the ribbon. Allow about 30cm at each end so that you have enough ribbon on either end to tie to something
  6. Stand back and admire your handy work!

Don’t it look lovely!…

My cousin, Will, helps to hang it!

This is the bit Julia made…