Charity Chic Look Of The Month – March 2012

Every month I put together a charity chic outfit featuring pieces I have bought from either charity shops, eBay, jumble sales and vintage clothes markets.

Lots of fizz has been consumed as today is an extra, extra special day – it’s my grandparents diamond wedding anniversary. Ken & Edith, my lovely grandparents, got married in 1952 at the Birmingham Registry Office having met 3 years earlier. Below is a snap of them as the left husband and wife.  My great-grandmother, Margaret (everybody called her Nanny) is in the background. She must have been a very proud lady – my Grandpa was (and still is) a dishy, intelligent, charming and very funny son-in-law.

No marriage is ever always a bed of roses but my grandparents have been blessed with 60 incredibly happy years together. They are true soul mates who know how to have a laugh – is there anything more important? They absolutely love each others company, I still catch my Grandpa checking my Grandma out! They are a true inspiration. When the going got tough, they compromised, supported, loved and respected each other. I am sure all my cousins would agree – they have set the bar very high.

When I was growing up my Grandma was my fashion inspiration, she always looked so graceful and cool. As a teenager I used to copy her – I’m not sure how many teenage girls copy their Grandma’s look?!

We are celebrated with a big, very noisy (OK and boozy) lunch so what better opportunity I thought to wear something I have recently bought on a thrifting expedition. As if I needed an excuse eh? If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I bought the below dress a few weeks ago. It was more than I would normally spend in a charity shop (£14) so I ummed and ahhed for ages before thinking “Why on earth am I deliberating over something so bloody gorgeous?” Fortunately nobody took advantage of my indecision.

  • DESIGNERS/BRAND: Phase Eight
  • TOTAL SPENT: £14 from British Heart Foundation
  • ITEM DETAILS: A white silk dress with beads and sequin detail. Why do I love it? It’s almost new, hardly worn and it totally shouts Downton Abbey. Between you and me I am going to pretend I am Lady Mary today.

So here’s to my awesome grandparents, Ken & Edith.

Do you have grandparents or parents who have reached this amazing milestone or even the next one up – platinum? I’d love to hear all about it. Have a great Easter weekend whatever you get up to. Hopefully it involves some quality family time. Reconnect with your roots dudes!