Sunday Morning Brunch Mix n’ Match Style

We have been celebrating my sisters 30th birthday this weekend. After a bit of a party last night at Manic Organic in Kings Heath what better way to re-fuel for a big London Marathon training run than a hangover-busting-Sunday-morning-brunch chez moi?

I have posted before about my love of a mix & match dinner (or in this case brunch) table so this morning was the debut appearance of a number of new retro plates I have bought over the last few months from various charity shops.

Top right is a lovely spring gypsy pattern Kathie Winkle plate (c. 1960) bought as a set of four for £10 from a St. Richards Hospice charity shop. Top and bottom left are both Denby, a classic British earthen tableware pottery – both are real 1960’s designs. I bought these at a car boot sale in Derbyshire a few months ago. Bottom right is a Simpsons plate – it’s not vintage (unless they had dishwashers 30 years ago) but the pattern is 60’s inspired so it fits with the rest of the collection nicely.

I managed 11 miles on my run today in the beautiful countryside. My idea of perfect Sunday!

To see other antique dinner plates in my cupboard click here: