Checks with spots? Thrifting for guys

Look in any charity shop and I’ll wager you there are far more clothes for us girls choking the rails than there are for you guys out there. We don’t need to discuss why, it’s simple. Us girls have a high turnover of clothes. I am constantly battling to make space for new additions to my bursting-at-the-seams wardrobe. Regular trips to the charity shop are the only solution. Guys like Ozzy, my fiance, tend to wear the same thing until they are thread bare so there are less second-hand mens clothes making it to the charity shop.

I managed to persuade Ozzy to do a spot of modelling for me this evening so that I could share with you a few items I have bought for him recently and guess what, he agreed! Oz isn’t a conventional sort of dude so when I suggested a check shirt and spotty tie he was game.

Result! The shirt was £4.00 from a British Heart Foundation shop and the brown spotty silk tie was 50p from AgeUK.

Will I be able to persuade Oz to wear this out? Unlikely as ties aren’t his part of his usual get up but he admitted to rather liking the look so fingers crossed.

Next up was classic British brand combo he wouldn’t generally don and he wasn’t so sure of this one. I have been amassing lots of quality second-hand shirts to sell as part of my Virgin London Marathon pledge for Macmillan Cancer Support. More details to come very soon. The shirt below is a fabulous quality Barbour classic – double thickness, pure cotton and in excellent condition – it was only £3 from St. Richard’s Hospice charity shop in Droitwich.

The rather retro pure wool Jeager cardigan was £2.50 from Trinity Hospice shop in Chiswick, London. Will he be wearing this out? I doubt it… my little sister has stolen it.

He is wearing brown brogues from St. John’s Cathedral charity shop in Central, Hong Kong which incidentally are the shoes he’s going to wear when we get married in June. I love that he’ll be wearing thrift at our wedding.

So, have I proved it’s worth checking out the men’s section at your local charity shop?

Next time, I’ll be updating you on the divine white lace 1950’s vintage bridal gown I am selling in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. It’s going to be for sale at Unforgettable – a gorgeous vintage bridal gown boutique in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.  More to come this weekend! To see the dress click here: