The winning opera gown was…

Ta da! THANK YOU so much to everyone who helped me select the dress I wore to see Don Giovanni at the Royal Opera House on Friday night. I counted all the votes on here and Instagram…. In the end dress number 2 was selected. Given the Baltic temperatures in London over the weekend, this was certainly the warmest of the 4 options.

We had an absolutely phenomenal time! Below is a pic of me and my Mum before the performance started…. Unfortunately I was a bit useless and didn’t get an actual full length shot – I blame the G&T’s we had before and during the interval. We polished off a supreme amount of red wine when we eventually got back to my cousins and I had a stonking hangover the next day. I missed my Saturday morning run for the first time in months…. tut tut.

I hope you’ve all had fun this weekend in the snow (or slush)?

Til next time. I am away for 2 weeks now skiing in Switzerland so I shall be in touch when I get home.