Vintage Frocks & A Plea For Help

Help me raise £2,012 for Macmillan Cancer Support!

An update…..

Some of you will know that I am running in the London Marathon next April. Scary. To secure a place I have committed to raise £2,012 for Macmillan Cancer Support. That isn’t going to be easy given the current climate of austerity, job loses and a general tightening of ones belts. It’s going to require some imagination and work.

To read more about why I have chosen Macmillan click here.

How am I going to raise the dosh?

One of my bright ideas is to sell a selection quality vintage and retro clothes and accessories. This is exciting not least because it means I get to indulge my secret market trader career ambition but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to hone my knack of sniffing out charity chic loot.

I am in the process of amassing a collection of “stock” at the moment. A taste of what I have sourced so far (of which more is in those suitcases) is below.

But, this is also a plea for help…. read on.

All of the clothes I have featured on Charity Chic will also be sold including the gorgeous Radley dress I featured last week. (See previous post or click here)

Suitcases full of vintage clothes ready to sell

So, you are asking, how can I help?

Firstly, be a punter and come and buy something! I’ll be posting updates on here as to when and where the event is so watch this space. (It will probably be in London, March 2012.)

Secondly, I am asking you to DONATE your old, unwanted retro and vintage gear. I am open to absolutely anything.

  • Do you have Granny’s old fur coat hanging up in the garage unworn?
  • Does your Mum/Aunt/Cousin have some 60’s/70’s/80’s or even 90’s items that she or you wouldn’t be seen dead in?
  • Recall any old wedding dresses lurking in your attic?
  • Seen pictures of your Dad wearing some hideous retro, florescent ski gear on the slopes in 1990?
  • Noticed retro items in the homewear department such as curtains, kitchen, glasses, furniture, old suitcases, tableclothes, nic-naks etc? Don’t chuck! Donate!

I will be selling a variety of quality items such as fur and jewellery for their market value and then other everyday fashion items such as dresses, tops etc at bargain prices to keep the till ringing.

Please… NO

  • Tie dye (You know who you are!)
  • Underwear, socks, nighties, used bikinis u… (Enough said. Unless of course it’s unworn vintage Rigby & Peller!)
  • Used towels or bed linen (Would you buy this?!)
  • Anything with deodorant marks! (Urgh.)

If you think you can donate please email me with all the dets at

Want to see what I’ve got so far?

Any doubts that nobody will want to buy what I have had collected so far are generally put to rest when I find my sisters and more commonly mother ransacking the cases and pinching what they want…. I have learnt my lesson now and hide anything decent.

The below stripey dress looks fab and the turquoise mini dress is genuine 1960’s.

I am going to find it hard parting with the below three dresses.

I’m not convinced about the below but I know it’s got someone’s name on it.

I have been collecting vintage shoes too. I come from a family of girls with giant-man-feet so these little beauties won’t fit any of us.

Collection of vintage shoes

There will be something for you guys too (if you’re still reading).. I have amassed a collection of retro ties, cravats, scarves.

These treats and a whole lot more that I haven’t had time to photograph yet could be yours. I’ll let you know where/when/how in the new year. For now, all I need you to do is look out and ask around for things to donate!

You can donate cash to my fund too…

This is the part I hate – asking people for hard cash but it has to be done. Visit my Just Giving page here:


Thank you! Any support you can give is massively appreciated. Even if it’s coming to say hello on the day, (which I would love) I am so grateful for your help, encouragement and support. It means a lot.