Retro Ski Wear

Confused about the difference between a milk run and a mogul? Between you and me, I didn’t know what a milk run was either – apparently it’s your first run of the day. One thing most skiers are not confused about however is the importance of looking cool on the chair lift. Decent ski gear is not just about preventing frostbite or hypothermia. Oh no. Looking stylish on the slopes at many ski resorts is basically as important as perfecting your parallel turn. The past couple of years have seen fur collars, oversize sunglasses and quilted ski suits scoring high on the ski-style dial but not all skiers are fashion-conscious toffs…

Another trend seen on the slopes is the return of retro or vintage ski gear. We’re talking fluorescent, all-in-one jumpsuits (onesies) with shoulder pads and belts, just like the dude in red below…

It’s kind of thing Prince Charles sported at Klosters.

Royal Retro Jumpsuits

With this in mind, I have been keeping an eye out for a retro ski number and was delighted when I spotted the below onesie in a British Heart Foundation charity shop last November for £6.50. I sadly didn’t ski last winter but my sister was going so I gave it to her for Christmas. Within 5 seconds she had it on and was rolling around in the snow outside! The below is a snap of her on Christmas morning.

My sister, Alice, in a onesie I bought her from a British Heart Foundation charity shop

It’s a prime example of retro ski gear – fluorescent pink with yellow and purple flashes, baggy on top so that you can wear your favourite reindeer jumper underneath and belted around the waist. Uber-cool we thought!

A lot of vintage ski wear is up for grabs on eBay and there’s plenty in charity shops so if you fancy carving up some retro turns on your winter holiday, you know where to look!

Alice in her “onsie”

This year we are returning to Zermatt in Switzerland and I’ll definitely be making space in my suitcase for this bad boy! (If I can steal it back from my sister that is.)