Training starts now…eeek!

A non charity-chic fashion post here….

I said categorically that I would never run a marathon but I’ve succumbed to what lots of amateur runners will recognise as that insatiable desire to run further and faster…. If you know me, I know what you are thinking! Liz… run a marathon?

It wasn’t a difficult decision to choose who to run for. I am running in memory of two very dear people who have sadly lost their battles very recently. Macmillan Cancer Support did such a wonderful job helping my family when my Dad was ill earlier this year. Most people have heard of Macmillan but until you have experienced first-hand what they do, it’s difficult to understand how truly phenomenal they are. There is no doubt that without the support they gave us and the additional nursing help they organised for us particularly at night, we’d have found the physically and emotionally exhausting job of caring for my father very hard indeed. They were a god-send, no exaggeration.

Committing to run for Macmillan has helped immensely in coping with the loss of my father but I am also running in memory of a dear friend Jessie Mayor, who like my father, died from a brain tumour. She was only aged 30. She very sadly passed away in November 2009. Jessie and I grew up together in Harborne, Birmingham. She faced her terminal cancer prognosis with immense bravery and courage. I will never forget her.

Tragically my Dad who died in May this year was only 56. Him and Jess were not the first and sadly they won’t be the last. More and more people are facing the toughest fight of their lives. One in three people will face hearing the ‘C’ word at some point in our lives. When they do, Macmillan will be there for them every step of the way.

My challenge starts this weekend – Sunday 23rd October 2011. I am running the Bupa Great Birmingham Half Marathon to kick start my training followed by the Bath Half in March to keep me on track before finally the London Marathon on Sunday 22nd April.

Donations make up 96% of Macmillan’s income. Times are tough for everyone at the moment so I have tried to think outside the box as to how I can raise the money….

Firstly I am asking people for donations which is where you come in. I am also opening a Private Kitchen with the help of my Mum at our house in Barnt Green serving delicious dinners on Saturday nights and Sunday lunch-times from November. If you want to book contact me for more details. It’s a BYOB affair… book your table for six and for £25pp, we’ll serve you a divine 3 course meal. After covering our costs, the proceeds will go towards my marathon fund.

Finally I will be selling vintage clothes at a fair in March 2012. I am in the process of collecting some gorgeous pieces.. If you have any sellable vintage or second hand items (mainly clothes but anything retro, bric-a-brac, small furniture etc) which you would be willing to donate for this cause, please contact me. I will be most grateful!

So, I hope I have inspired you to make a donation. It doesn’t matter how much… I, Macmillan and the thousands of people they help every day will appreciate anything you can afford to give.

Thanks for your support. xxx