Trusty old M&S… and no, I am not talking about knickers!

Who’d have thought the old St. Michael label from trusty, old M&S would one day be considered a vintage brand? Perhaps it’s only the nostalgic charity chic geek in me that thinks it is but seriously, I keep spotting fairly funky, old M&S things and this one I couldn’t resist.

This pillar-box red, pure wool, vintage St. Michael skirt was an absolute steal at only £3. I bought it yesterday at the Age UK charity shop in Solihull. To be honest, it needs a pretty good dry clean before it gets a real outing but I couldn’t wait to see how it looked so I bravely risked the flea transfer.

I love it as not only is it going to be mega warm this coming winter given it’s pure wool, but it’s versatile with a capital V. I’m wearing my trusty old cowboys above with a belt I made from antique lace. The cream wool jacket is a vintage Jaeger hand-me-down from my Grandma (love her style). The hat and scarf both came from charity shops years ago (who knows where) and the spotty jacket is an old Mable purchase… if you’re a Hong Kong gal reading this, you’ll know Mable is THE place for cheap fashion.

My concluding thought, I’m convinced standard clothes sizes have got smaller over the years. Anyone else agree? I am an average size 12 in most things, sometimes a 10 if I am lucky but this thing is tight. Perhaps I am having a fat day today? We’ll see how I feel tomorrow….

A bientot.