Meet Punk Chyaz – my favourite beauty blogger

  Let me introduce you to my favourite beauty blogger and friend – the gorgeous Punk Chyaz.

Punk Chyaz herself

We caught up last week and decided to do a little blogging-collaboration (the first of many I hope). She has already interviewed a few other bloggers for her site so she suggested we do the same. What an awesome idea I thought.

If you’d like to read her interview with me, head over to her blog but first read the below.

  • On Beauty

First things first, what is your blog all about? is primarily a beauty blog, with a sprinkling of style and fashion in there too. I started my beauty journey on YouTube and now blog alongside posting videos on my channel.

You are the Official Online Spokesperson for Simple Skincare (w0w!) What is your favourite skincare product? (Sorry, I am giving you one only!)
If I had to choose just one, it would have to be the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser – as I have dry skin, I absolutely can’t go without it! There are many, many more Simple products  I could rave about though. (This may explain Chyaz’s flawless complexion… v jealous)

So, what beauty product could you not live without?
Mascara, without a doubt – most days it’s all I wear, as I like to save a more ‘done up’ look for nights out and special occasions. If lip balm counts as a beauty product though, I would have to say that – I use it constantly!

We have all got one – what is your most coveted beauty product?
I would love to try more super high-end brands, like Chanel, but their products are so expensive that it makes my eyes water. I’m a firm believer in dupes, and you can often find much cheaper alternatives that are less glamorous but still do a good job.

  • On random stuff….

If you could go back in time, what era would you want to go to?
I’m a complete history geek, so I would have to say the Victorian times, around the 1840s. I would try to change the treatment of women in society who were deemed to be ‘insane’ and sent to asylums for no good reason – as you can see, I’ve previously thought this through quite thoroughly! I’m more than a little obsessed with Victorian England.

  • On style….

Do you buy from charity shops?
I do, and absolutely love the thrill of finding a complete gem. I have bought a few items of clothing over the past few years, but also love trying to find accessories and books – I would say well over half of the books I own are from charity shops. When I’ve read them, I take them back too so that the shop can re-sell them.

How would you describe your style?
It is changeable and versatile – one side of me is quite eccentric and loves animal prints, studs, and anything remotely rocker-ish, then the other (smaller!) side of me is quite chilled out and casual – leggings, skinny jeans, vest tops and cardies. I think it quiet mimics my personality!

What would be your dream find from a charity shop? (At the moment, mine would be a navy blue, velvet jacket)
This is odd because I have actually dreamt about this – finding an old designer handbag. I know the chances are minute, but to find something that has been overlooked as designer would be a dream come true. Once I’d found it, I’d always offer over the asking price of course – but it would be amazing.

  • On blogging….

Share some blogger love with us all, which blogs do you read most at the moment?
I get email updates from CharityChic which makes it really convenient to read, so I read each post here! For beauty, I love MayLovesMakeUp, Brittany Love, Lipglossiping, BritishBeautyBlogger…the list goes on! I tend to steer away from fashion blogs as I find them to be intimidating, which is something I love about CharityChic – it is very stylish and interesting but down to earth.

What has blogging taught you?
That you have to be patient – not only with the success of your blog, but with others in a tightly-knit community. Respect and courtesy go a long way, and it’s always better to do your own thing than try to follow the crowd. And… that it’s easy to get carried away with buying products to review!!

  • Finally…..

Go on, tell us a secret!
I can’t give too much away…but I am due to take part in a photo shoot modelling one of my favourite clothing brands in the world – I’m so excited! I wish I could tell you more!

If you haven’t already clicked through to her blog then don’t delay! She has reviewed hundreds of the coolest beauty products. Plus, want to know how to do a classy cat eye look or even pink and black leopard eye make-up? Check her out YouTube channel where she demos make-up tutorials. As the face of Simple Skincare in the U.K. she also demonstrates how to use skincare treats which are full of vitamin goodness… phew, she must be a busy gal.

If you are a blogger and would like to join forces in some creative way, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Sunday everyone!