Looking for a vintage wedding dress?

Firstly – if like me, you are engaged, then huge congratulations!

I thought I knew what kind of wedding dress I was after. For years I had lusted after a vintage gown with long sleeves in champagne pink. Simple. What I ended up with isn’t on the same dimension as that description. We aren’t getting hitched until June 2012 so I am trying to not reveal too much but suffice to say it certainly isn’t champagne pink.

I was chatting to my best friend and bridesmaid Susie the other day, reminiscing about all the dresses I tried on in the search for that elusive one. Elizabeth Avey sprung to mind. I immediately thought, I need to tell more people about her!

I can’t even remember how I found her but Elizabeth is probably one of the most lovely people you will ever met. Susie and I headed off to London for the day dropping into a couple of dress shops that friends had recommended. Our last appointment was with Elizabeth. We expected to find a boutique but at the time she was running it from her house near Tottenham, north London (from memory). We knocked on the front door of a seemingly normal home, convinced we were in the wrong place. Inside Elizabeth had a beautiful front room, simply yet elegantly furnished with antique furniture and accessories. When she showed us into the dressing room – I was almost breathless with excitement. In her collection were vintage dresses of all styles, sizes, quality and colour. I tried about four on and fell in love with a particularly gorgeous bohemian white dress. I left smiling from ear to ear. Literally!

After much deliberating I didn’t buy one of her gowns in the end but the experience, hell privilege, of meeting her, seeing her beautiful home and trying on some of the dresses she had in her collection was still immensely special. It was a treat I won’t ever forget.

If you are after a vintage wedding dress, look no further than Elizabeth Avey. Looking at her new website, she now has a shop near Holloway. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.