Please don’t relegate the cravat to the wedding wardrobe!

If the truth be known (despite a blog earlier this week) I absolutely detest ties. I hope I am not offending readers when I say that I think they show a complete lack of imagination in the male wardrobe department. They just look so dull.  That’s not to say that I think all neckwear is out, quite the contrary – I am a big fan of the ties close cousin, the cravat, particularly if it’s worn casually. The cravat has rather been relegated to the wedding get-up list but I want to hopefully inspire some of you guys out there to wear one a bit more often.

They are easily found in charity shops and at vintage clothes fayres. The above is one I recently bought for Ozzy at a vintage clothes shop for £10.

We went out for dinner on Monday night to our favourite eatery in Brum (Byzantium in Kings Heath… if you haven’t gone you are missing out on a real treat) and both Ozzy and Rob wore them. Even the waiter serving us commented on how cool they looked. I swear I saw Ozzy blush… (ah)