Jewel tones to make every girl dazzle

Amethyst. Citrine. Azure. Topaz. I have been keeping my eyes peeled when scouring charity shops over the last few weeks for a set of very specific colours – jewel tones. We are heading into the perfect season for these luxurious, deep and rich colours and I can’t get enough of them, well, if I could find any in my local charity shops that is. These dazzling hues work best with luxurious fabrics, mainly velvet, silk and suede. Find the right cut in the right fabric and you are guaranteed to dazzle with sophistication.  We aren’t talking bold and in-yer-face here don’t panic! Inspired by gemstones, these colours are dark and mysterious yet warm, beautiful and deep.

My vintage velvet blazer in a rich garnet colour is the perfect example, I found it in an Oxfam charity shop for only £13. It has a pink ribbon detail to draw your eye to the tailored cut.

Skin tone
As ever, work these different colours with your own skin tone. As a very quick guide I have written the below.

Fair – Amethyst, Sapphire, Ruby, Garnet, Tanzanite
Medium –
Emerald, Citrine, Amber
Dark – A much wider selection of colours suit a darker skin tone so be adventurous… Axinite, Beryl, Quartz, Tourmaline plus all the above too.

All Skin Tones – Work with gold or silver accessories and you’re guaranteed to dazzle.