Guys, what does your choice of tie say about you?

I thought I’d feature something man related for a change.

A guys choice of tie says a lot about him. Ties are an expression of a man’s personality. Sometimes a man’s profession or career denotes the kind of tie he selects. If you want to be taken seriously at work, that tie in the shape of a salmon with a smiling face isn’t going to do your rep any favours. Some men go for the plane and conventional safe option while others prefer a loud in-yer-face pattern. Then there is the Bart Simpson collection which clearly denotes the wearer as one thing – a looser! I remember a particular teacher who wore the latter and he just looked ridiculous, it wasn’t cool.

A tie can make or break an outfit. You can spend £500+ on a sleek Paul Smith three-piece suit but it’s a complete waste of money if it’s not worn with a suitable choice of neckwear. Having said that, a choice of tie is a very personal thing and what one man thinks is pretty classy is an absolute joke to someone else.

Ozzy (my husband to be) doesn’t need to wear ties for work so he only ever dons a tie when formal attire is the dress code. Anyone who knows Oz will be aware of his slighty eccentric sense of style, he’s either wearing the same thing day after day (I’m thinking of one particularly horrific pair of shell suit like trousers he insists looks good) or he’s out there in his arab dress and wooden bead necklace. Random. He does however, I think, have great taste in ties and isn’t afraid to express his quirky personality in the neckwear department.

Charity shops are a good place to spot unwanted retro ties. The below collection, I have just pulled from Ozzy’s wardrobe, were bought from various charity shops in Bromsgrove – the YMCA and the Primrose Hospice. They cost no more than £1 each. Bargain. All of them are silk and were in excellent condition when purchased.

I could only find one pic of him wearing one of the above ties which was taken at one of my cousins weddings. He wore it with a dark aubergine shirt and a brown suit which looked pretty snazzy.

I bought him a gorgeous vintage cravat last week from Hay-On-Wye. (See previous post) As soon as I have got a picture of him wearing it I will post it on here as it looks awesome. These days cravats have been consigned to wedding apparel which I think is a shame…. Bring back the cravat just for day-to-day wear I say! Perhaps I should start a tie revolution and see if I can get Ozzy to wear one to work. I will be fighting a loosing battle there I think.